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Sample Topic

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Table of Contents





Type the text that I want to add a footnote to. [1]



Main Points

And start typing my main points. [2]



Subheading 1

This is some text


  • One
  • Two
  • Three 


International Society for Technology in Education




Subheading 2


Subheading 3





Key Figures

Adding content to the wiki

—   Each group has been assigned a topic

—   Each topic has been given a page on the wiki

—   Each wiki page was given a template for you to add content to and it matches the requirements for the project – main points, key figures, key texts, critiques (see Cultural Ecology).




—   Header will help to organize the information

—   When writing for the web, key to allowing other people to access it is simplicity so, try to keep it basic black text. If you want to make something stand out, bold it. 






Key Texts

Example text...






Example text...



  1. Aisha Jackson
  2. Carole McGranahan

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